moulin de Vies – Lamboing

Many years ago I met Dr Nelly Grosjean at her Musee des Aromes in Graveson En Provence, France and was greatly impressed with her many ideas on wellbeing and dedication to the ten golden rules.

Over the years Nelly has travelled to many Countries teaching and demonstrating her beliefs and philosophy on wellbeing. I set out below some details of her new Health Centre called Moulin de Vies Lamboing.

In September of this year (2015), Nelly opened a Health Centre in Switzerland. The building was renovated, previously being a derelict mill and a derelict listed Building in Lamboing in the Chasseral Regional Park. Nelly decided that the building had the space to make a wonderful Health Centre calling it the Moulin de Vies, as she wanted it to become a haven of peace, dedicated to wellness, natural care and essential oils.

Nelly’s project initially started in 2012 and after many months of discussions and negotiations she was able to obtain the necessary permits to transform the building. Throughout the renovation work and conversion she worked very closely with the Historical Monuments Department and the Archaeological Department of Switzerland. Many new elements were added into the construction whilst retaining its historic past so as to provide the essential facilities required of a modern Health Centre.

The materials used in the refurbishment project were, wherever possible, natural and environmentally friendly. For example the insulation in the building, is of a compound coated hemp and clay. The roof and the frame were made in the likeness of what existed before. Priority being given, as much as possible to artisans of the region. The Health Centre will have multiple functions, besides the intended production of essential oils, it will have natural therapies, there will be seminars throughout the week and detox sessions with instruction from world renowned natural food specialists on healthy eating.

Nelly has always taught the Ten Golden Rules for wellbeing, these are: –

  1. Breathing
  2. Diet
  3. Physical exercise
  4. Relaxation
  5. Sleep
  6. Water
  7. Physical, affective, & sexual harmony
  8. Sun
  9. Positive thinking
  10. 10.Aromatherapy

Her ten golden rules for wellbeing are, simply, and clearly, to practice every day exercises. They are the starting point for a new life hygiene that results in health, joy, well-being, success, love and happiness. This daily application she says of simple things, helps us to transform, correct and improve our lives and at the same time, the lives of those who practice them with us.

Practicing these rules she says helps reduce those minor aches and pains, giving new energy in the morning, eliminating a large amount of stress, encouraging vivacity and zest for life and improving your physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual performances, because everything is inter-related. The path toward natural health begins by an understanding of yourself and some practical daily exercises to be responsible for your health. The golden rules for well-being are the keys she says to promote good health and passion for life!

« As the architect of his own body, man is the first and sole steward of his health. »

The amount of interest in the new Health Centre has been overwhelming with interest from all around the world with people and groups wishing to come to the Moulin de Vies, to stay and to enjoy the wonderful facilities. Many are coming to Moulin de Vies, from China, Taiwan, South and North America and Europe.

Nelly also has a Centre in Provence, France, called the Musee des Aromes and is a world-renowned specialist of natural aromatherapy. For more than thirty years, she has tirelessly made it her main goal to provide global information on natural and organic aromatic essential oils as well. Not only has Nelly specialised with aromatherapy and essential oils, but has also written many books on these subjects, all concepts being solely developed by her.

To find out more please do visit Dr Nelly Grosjean at: – – Graveson En Provence France – Lamboing Switzerland