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les interviews de didier santiago avec nelly grosjean

Which castor oil do you use with complete peace of mind by following the protocol to the letter?

I'm a sportswoman, I have a lot of tendonitis and strains, I'm exhausted for several days after races. Your remedies?

how to lose 12 kilos before the summer?

What should I do after the menopause?

I lost a lot of weight (8 kilos in 3 weeks), close to burn-out, I quit my job, where do I start?

advice for breastfeeding mothers (to do or to consume / not to do / not to consume)?

what is the best breakfast? I have been advised the ketogenic diet...?

why is it best not to mix fruit when making a fruit meal?

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nelly answers your questions...

how to relax and de-stress

how to relax and de-stress with essential oils by nelly grosjean

the aromatic zen detox cure

frequently asked questions with nelly grosjean

the zen detox aromatic cure, interview with nelly grosjean and miguel barthéléry

nelly grosjean and Miguel Barthéléry present you with effective tools and tricks to help you get back into good eating habits and succeed in your detox.

how to learn to breathe again? Discover the essential oils of nelly grosjean !

breathing is the first function that a baby sets in motion when he is born. Learn to breathe again, that's the advice of nelly grosjean, an aromatherapy specialist for nearly 40 years!

discover ATT Relax essential oil by nelly grosjean


discover nelly grosjean's anti-pain essential oils

discover biossentiel

nelly grosjean has been designing different aromatic specialities for 100% organic products for more than 30 years: the "odoration bio aromatic" range (to breathe in essential oils thanks to aroma sprays and diffusers); the "thérapie bio'aromatic" family (to rub oneself or drink aromatic teas); the "beauté bio aromatic" products (for beauty and massages); veto'aromatic, the aromatic line dedicated to animals. And with its "aromatic bar" concept, nelly grosjean offers "floral waters", as a real aperitif and health water.

aromatherapy naturally - in provence

with thirty years of rich experience in aromatherapy, nelly grosjean has just created a new generation of aromatherapy products, biossentiel, a nelly grosjean signature. It is aimed at demanding consumers who are as concerned about ethics as they are about extreme quality, and who want to benefit from rapid results without side effects, offering a therapeutic, food and cosmetic line that is 100% natural and organic, certified by Ecocert.

30 million friends - nelly grosjean

The use of essential oils for your animals is possible! Help your friends cats, dogs, horses to stay healthy naturally! Dr. Nelly Grosjean shares with us her experience of more than 40 years.