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the 'Cure-Zen-Detox-Aromatic  



nous vous invitons à participer à cette expérience extraordinaire qu’est la découverte de votre  “Soi Divin”, prendre la responsabilité de votre santé, entrer dans son Univers et ses rituels, pour un quotidien lumineux, pour transformer Votre Vie, devenir autonome, souverain et lumineux.

The 'Zen-Detox-Aromatic' 3 and/or 5 day cure includes

  • every day
    • breathing yoga
    • the aromatic rituals that correspond to each person
    • aromatic drinks
    • vegetable juices and raw, vegetable and organic meals
    • purges - individually selected - and
    • the aromaCocoon SPA: hammam, stream, chi machine, air bowl, asklepios room, infrared sauna...
    • free time to discover the enchanting forests, the Douanne gorges; to read, rest, recharge your batteries...

for a 5-day 'Zen-Detox-Aromatic' cure

  • 1 consultation/interview with nelly grosjean
  • 4 remarkable massages at the aromaCocoon SPA
  • 4 sessions of energetic and emotional cleansing
  • 3 CRUsine gastronomic or detox workshops

for 3 days of 'Cure-Zen-Detox-Aromatic

  • 1 consultation/interview with nelly grosjean
  • 1 aromatic massage at the aromaCocoon SPA
  • 3 sessions of energetic and emotional cleansing
  • 1 CRUsine gastronomic or detox workshop

at Moulin de Vies
Lamboing, Switzerland

5 jours – 2 600 CHF
4 jours – 2060 CHF
3 jours – 1 660 CHF
(l’hébergement est en sus)

nouvelles dates à venir

Calendrier des cures

la Cure-Zen-Detox-Aromatic'
10 Jul, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing
la Cure-Zen-Detox-Aromatic'
22 Jul, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing


from 10 am to 5 pm

a day or a weekend to discover and learn the CRUsine health, vegetal, living. method nelly grosjean.

  • at Moulin de Vies, Lamboing, Switzerland
    180 CHF including tasting lunch
    special rate for two consecutive days Raw Food
    320 CHF for two days and
    450 CHF with 1 overnight stay (in shared room, dinner and breakfast)
    550 CHF with 2 overnight stays (in shared room, dinner and breakfast


raw food days
25 Jun, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing

the 'Fast-Justice-Purge-Respiratory-Cure 



"juices and purges, those great cleaners" method nelly grosjean.

A choice of 3, 4 or 5 days for a gentle approach that allows you to understand and practice purging, to get the most out of it, to learn to listen, to wake up your body and to regain autonomy and sovereignty.

You choose the duration and the treatments you want!

A real reconnection to oneself... supervised by the super coaches trained by nelly grosjean.

  • each day of the Cure-Fast-Purge-Respir'.
    • breathing yoga
    • the aromatic rituals that correspond to each person
    • aromatic drinks
    • vegetable juice workshop
    • purges - individually selected - and
    • the aromaCocoon SPA: hammam, stream, chi machine, air bowl, asklepios room, infrared sauna...
    • free time to discover the enchanting forests, the Douanne gorges; to read, rest, recharge your batteries...

A la carte: massages, energetic treatments, naturopathic advice by appointment.

massage or energetic treatment: 160chf per hour
advice, follow-up and naturopathy: 80chf


at Moulin de Vies
Lamboing, Switzerland

690 CHF for 3 days.
880 CHF for 4 days.
1100 CHF for 5 days.
(accommodation is extra)


la Cure-Jus-Jeûne-Purge-Respir'
10 Jul, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing
la Cure-Jus-Jeûne-Purge-Respir'
22 Jul, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing
la Cure-Jus-Jeûne-Purge-Respir'
25 Aug, 2023Chemin des Moulins Lamboing

typical detox day (PDF)


  • at Moulin de Vies


for a private organisation of YOUR detox cure,
at your dates
we organise the programme with you...


information on accommodation


arrival: from 2pm
departure: at 11am

- –

the price of the night includes access to the aromaCocoon Zen SPA

we propose you to discover a raw and alive cooking
breakfast : 25 chf *
lunch : 40 chf *
evening meal : 40 chf *

...and for groups of 10 to 70 people
raw tasting buffet (lunch) or cocktail party : 40 chf *

per day per person

take advantage of the discovery package
with accommodation

questions ?
email :

1 night, 3 meals
free access to the SPAAromatic and AromaCocoon
1 CRUsine workshop (living food)

it is possible to book a massage in advance which is extra.
(60 minutes massage =160 chf per person)

1 person 480 CHF
2 persons 750 CHF
3 persons 1100 CHF

your opinion is important!
please send your testimonial by email to



Nelly, thank you so much for these wonderful moments in your place which breathes so much harmony, serenity and peace. It was a special day.

- Isabellanne


A few months ago I didn't even know the word Crusine until my mother had 2 cancers, one of which was very dangerous and metastasized. The doctors told us that it would take a miracle to get through it. With my brother, we started to research on the internet and we came across Irène and Nelly GROSJEAN. We contacted Nelly and my mother had a Skype consultation with her. Since then, my mother has been eating crusine + purging + 1 day of rest. To support and motivate her, my brother and I also started eating crusine. Conclusion: My mother is in remission of her two cancers! No trace after the last PETSCAN examination, she is healthy, she has lost weight (she was fat), she is fit and thank God still alive and not in pain.

My life has changed, I sleep better, I have more energy and I have lost 14 kg. The whole family is now raw... The trauma of learning about my mother's illness has made me realise how awful our diet is.

- Salma


The aromatherapy course of nelly grosjean was the trigger to take a new step on my path of food transition.

I had a great two day course with the aim of trusting the professionalism and quality of Nelly Grosjean's advice and of increasing the use of essential oils in my daily life. 

During my personal check-up, Nelly noticed some redness on my face, a slightly too voluminous morphology but a beautiful vitality to lose 10kg quickly... I constantly keep in mind this sentence "Give up those legs which do not belong to you"... It was true... 

The next morning I put into action the plan we had developed together (diet, essential oils, hydrolats) 

In one month, I have lost 10kg, my vitality, my radiance and my energy have increased tenfold.

Thank you Nelly, Thank you Life. 

- Stephanie

A 5-day cure where energy treatments follow one another, with healers of exceptional quality. Warm, caring people to whom one can entrust one's soul in complete confidence. An experience to be repeated!

- Laurence

After two days at the Moulin de Vies, I found a smile, joy and my fatigue was gone. Thank you to the wonderful people who helped me through their energy treatments to reconnect to my heart and soul. Thank you Nelly for your smile, your kindness and for the organisation of this unforgettable week.

- Christine

I am delighted to have participated in this cure. Very happy to have seen you again and to have spent a good time with you ... if I dare say ... to enjoy you !!! ... your science ... and your good mood ... of your very endearing personality !

The mill: very pleasant, outside, in the middle of a superb green nature, inside, fitted out and decorated with a lot of taste. Very pleasant to have stayed there!

The care: what luck to have met professionals in such a lost village! Liila, Robert, Marie-Françoise and Claudio were very efficient in their own field, although surprising and original for some!

I enjoyed the delicious food. It was high gastronomy. I enjoyed it!!!

The little hands were great and very nice.

Thank you again for your work in this pleasant detox!

Kisses, good luck and maybe see you soon!

- Daniele

I discovered in Nelly's ardour a big heart, which seeks to please us and which listens to us. I also discovered a place apart, a place of life, where you look after your soul. Here are a few remarks. A welcome email, to confirm the dates, and to know what to bring. Jersey, yoga mat. A ritual at breakfast, for essential oils, neck plexus ..... and the drop to drink. The practitioners are warm and efficient. I look forward to seeing you again Nelly one day in Provence

- Adeline C

A shadow of my former self, that's what I had become in the 3 years I had been suffering from the effects of the menopause: hot flashes, insomnia, tachycardia, weight gain, permanent fatigue and... depression, as a result. And this summer, at the Boutique des Arômes, I met Nelly Grosjean in person, who told me about her Zen Detox Aromatic Cure and graciously advised me. Very enthusiastic, I followed her method for a new lifestyle. At the beginning, I found it a little difficult to change. But in spite of the lack of strict follow-up of the cure, I had obvious results: after 10 days, no more hot flashes, no more tiredness and no more depression. After 3 weeks: I had lost 2 clothes sizes! My motivation only increased, of course. Here's the result after 3 months: 8 kilos less, a good night's sleep, a newfound joy of life and energy! What else can I say? Thank you very much Nelly and long live the aromatic Zen Detox!

- Anne, 53, Pau

It's been two years since I met you, the first time for health reasons. The first consultation made me aware of what I was doing to my body (obesity). So I took charge of my life and with your help, decided to "eat alive". A new lifestyle, healthy and balanced food, what a discovery! A pure pleasure. The cells in my body can't believe it. Over time I lost weight and gained energy. I feel better and better; little by little, I am becoming "100% raw", it is a revelation! No more tiredness, a dazzling shape, 20 kg less in 5 months, I'm melting (from size 48, I'm going to 40)... my whole wardrobe has to be redone! I'm so happy to share this new CRUsine that I decide to apply to La Cabane Bambou for my 50th birthday - I'm an accountant, not at all in the restaurant business - and... Oh miracle, I got the job. You have accompanied me in my apprenticeship (I had a very good teacher!) and the result is great, every day is a joy.

Thank you Nelly for this experience. I feel like I am twenty years old. Life is good!

- Martine

My encounter with raw food was easy. It is firstly thanks to the relevant information conveyed by Irène in her videos.
It is true that I had been interested in raw food for several years already because I knew its benefits but I did not know the other side of the coin. I didn't know what cooked food was doing to my health. So it was an easy decision to make because it all resonated really strongly with me.

But secondly, I also put all the chances on my side by having Nelly follow me. Thanks to her I use essential oils and hydrosols which really facilitate my transition. Also my curative crises are almost non-existent during my purges. I have just tried it in spite of myself because I ran out of essential oils for 2 weeks. ☹️

My HDR purge was difficult and I had to do it again because of physical and psychological symptoms. Then my chlorumagene purge I threw up 35 minutes after taking it. I also had a migraine for 4 days. ????

But since I started using Nelly's essential oils again, I have not had a crisis.
What happiness ????

All this to say that I love Nelly Grosjean!!!! ❤️????????

- Melanie

Hi Nelly, it's Isabelle... who came to do Raw Food one day two years ago... I'm finally giving you some news? ...After my pleasant visit to you I followed your advice and drank the hydrosols and did the massages. I have lost another 20 kilos in one year, in addition to the first 10 that I had lost before... I have started yoga, which does me a lot of good. I was just thinking about you because I have started a week-long fast! I hope you are well... I hope you are well... Beautiful day to you and thanks again for your precious advice... 

- Isabelle

Hello Nelly and thank you... I have your aromatherapy recipe book and I have actually tried the potato juice before each meal! Top! And indeed, by making almost single juices, especially carrots, it is gradually coming back in order... I think that with my return to work in the middle of the Alsatian winter in January, the stress and cold induced my stomach was more sensitive. I'm not sure what to do about it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. In any case it's been 1 year since I started the transition to raw food and in the morning the fruits in puree and in crunch are a real treat !!! He nerom and aphom always welcome have long done cel and 109 and my figure transformed! I have been doing this for a long time and my figure has been transformed! 

A short message to say thank you for all the wonderful things you have brought me! After two weeks, I feel a lot of beautiful and good changes in me. I'm starting to really measure the extent of this cure on me and it's really fabulous! I am very grateful for all the advice you have taught me and the magic you have given me! I feel so good, and it just keeps getting better and better, it's really great! So thank you so much!!! I also feel a lot of changes in my life coming on and am really looking forward to coming back as an angel soon!

Love to you,
See you soon,

- Marie-Sophie

Hello Nelly
I made this purge less than a year ago when I stumbled upon your video on YouTube

The result is magic ... my respiratory allergies have decreased a lot and I rarely get sick now

Of course, I have changed my diet and eat more fruit and vegetables

So I'm taking advantage of this post to say a BIG THANK YOU ... I'm back to life after more than 30 years of ENT diseases and allergies


I acknowledge receipt of your email, which I thank you for as it captures all the elements discussed during the consultation; it makes a nice roadmap 🙂

Many thanks for the additional material; it is very informative, useful and necessary 🙂

Thank you again for the consultation, which I am very pleased with.
Similarly, I am pleased to be accompanied by you; with a food transition educator by my side, I will win my change process 🙂

Beautiful and sweet day to you.


Just a note to inform you that I received your package and wanted to thank you warmly for the care you took with the packaging (the pretty boxes:) and your gift, the powerful MATSU!
So thank you very much...
See you soon

In these difficult times when it is very difficult to find something positive, a big thank you to Nelly for her generous gesture.
Yours sincerely.

I received your package today with the Circul Alchemical Water and the Zen Aromatic Spray as a bonus. Thank you for this beautiful attention, and thank you for the superb quality of your products!
Yours sincerely

Hello to all
Thank you for what you are doing during this lockdown.
I follow Nelly on Facebook and I love it????????
The meditations are doing me a lot of good, thank you ....
With all my affection????

Through you, I would like to thank Nelly with all my heart, who is giving me (and others) a wonderful gift by graciously sharing the fruits of her passion.

I am really looking forward to meeting you during a stay in Graveson.

It's such a joy to talk to people who live and speak from the heart.

Looking forward to meeting the "Fées des Senteurs de Graveson

A big hug to you,


Hello everyone, thank you so much for thinking, as always, to offer us the download of your books. This sympathy helps us to continue taking care of ourselves.
It is always a pleasure to read you.

I have been a great fan of Japanese Grand Cru teas for several years, and I have easily changed my habits thanks to the aromatic teas that have become my daily companions. An olfactory and gustatory journey with each sip that provides an immediate and long-lasting well-being. I happily recommend them!
I spray and drink love with Biossentiel ????❤

 I arrived well in Paris and the trip went well. I thank you again and the whole team for everything, the great organisation, your attention, and the sharing on raw food, conscious breathing and taking care of yourself. I leave full of emotions (I was very emotional when I said goodbye to you, and fortunately you did not see my tears). Above all, thank you for your precious advice which will help me in my approach.

- A.

Hello Nelly,
I always ask for your advice over and over again.
I started with the Zen detox cure that I am following and I find myself in great shape after only 2 weeks.
The myalgia I had and the stiffness have almost disappeared. I am now looking to create other recipes with our local products.
I have advised several people including my children and siblings and friends.
I follow you with a lot of devotion from Algeria and thank you for the free work of over 40 years!
You are an example to follow!
Thank you and thank you again!

I am so grateful for this great gift you are giving us. It is incredibly rewarding and full of twists and turns.
All your joie de vivre, your good humour, your energy and your light energise us in a few seconds as soon as we access your page.
You are a real sunshine and I enjoy your good words to both of you, your advice and your tips whether it is for the simple and easy crusine or the buttock lift or the small rolled towels to protect all the sensitive points for yoga ... I can now do all the exercises you show us... what a pleasure !!!

It is fabulous what you bring to us, a big thank you and my gratitude forever.
I understand Stephanie who joined you.
It is a dream to evolve in your aura. You transform everyone and enlighten the whole Group.
It is a fabulous idea. Thank you to the confinement which allows us this awakening and this sharing and all our beings of Light which help us and of which you are part. Namaste. It suits you Asia ... I can't wait to smell MASTU which I ordered
See u soon

I fall asleep in the light and in peace, having gone through these first four rich days. So much inspiration and joy to share. P

My dear Nelly,
I discovered live cooking last November with a course with Irene. I would say that I really started cooking alive in January, with the vegetable juices and purges. In January my husband and I had a turning point in our lives, I am sure we got through it well and that was thanks to your teaching.
In March, I had a telephone appointment with Nelly who confirmed my healthy lifestyle by giving me additional supplements and telling me that I was on the right path.
For the last 18 days, I have been following you on Facebook in the group "21 days online Zen detox" and I wanted to thank you for all the advice you give us, the energy you transmit to us, even through the screen, we have the impression that you are in our living rooms and of course in our hearts. Thank you for your culinary advice, I used to hate cooking, but for the last 18 days, I have never cooked so much in my life! I used to hate it .... You have succeeded in transmitting your passion to me, you are our guides. Thank you so much, you are magnificent.
I find that in the last few weeks I have also learned to open my heart, this confinement has only good things to say, a friend told me that I was radiant ... it's good to hear it and all this thanks to you ...
Thank you so much

Hello 5D family,

When I started the Aromatic Zen Detox, I thought I would lose a few pounds. But I was far from imagining that it would be much more. Indeed, I often paid attention to what I ate, but I must admit that I liked to drink coffee, at times several times during the day, it was difficult to do without it even though I knew the harm and I had tried to stop several times in vain and I was sometimes tempted by dishes rich in bad fats too.

When I started the Zen Detox Aromatic Cure online, I replaced coffee with Golden Coffee, the first week and the following ones without noticing it I didn't feel like drinking coffee.

After losing a few kilos, the first day of release came, once the ritual with the golden coffee was done, I drank a coffee but it did not give me the pleasure and the well-being that it used to give me and it was the same for the dish rich in bad fats, to my great astonishment, I could therefore do without it, my desires, my taste buds had changed ????

The moments of yoga, well being tips, crusine... allowed me to refocus, to awaken even more, to deepen my culinary knowledge and to rediscover this nature, these beings, this planet, this universe so important.

And all this confirmed my desire to become a Naturopath with a living, raw food and 5D orientation.

In addition, my spouse, who was sceptical at first, is now convinced and my children are becoming more interested in living and raw food.
What a wonderful gift, I thank you very much for all you do, your investment, sharing, 5D family.
A thousand thanks thanks thanks????


Hello Astrid and Nelly
I have joined the second group with pleasure. I would like to express my gratitude to you. I have been watching Nelly's videos for a year and it helped me to get out of a big depression. I would like to tell you in 2 words that I am 50 years old, married with 3 children, addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and food, in debt, and doing a not really interesting job. I had Astrid on the phone, charming, and I can't manage to take the plunge and ask for precious help directly, being convinced that only Nelly could help me. Through your videos, your naturalness, your radiance, you have touched me and thanks to you I realize all my mistakes and that it's time to change and be in harmony.
You are magnificent both inside and outside, what you bring is a gift both physically and emotionally...
My grandmother was a fortune teller and I do the cards for my relatives and myself and I find with you the desire to look for what can make me evolve knowing that with you it seems that I have finally found. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way to push me to abandon little by little my habits so bad for my earthly body. I am still far from applying your advice properly but I know that it will come...
Nelly you are extraordinary and I wish to confirm that you have a very beneficial impact. Astrid, you are wonderful too.
Also know that as soon as I can I will order the essential oils and I dare to hope that one day I will have the immense chance to do the Zen Detox cure in Switzerland.
Thank you, thank you to you for helping people like me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Receive all my admiration and friendship and I wish you the best knowing that you already have the light...
All the best ❤️

Hello Nelly,

thank you for this message of light and all the gifts
Thank you deeply, for your clear, "simple" and practical teaching on living foods, detox, purges and ....
I enjoy hearing you speak about the wonders of nature, plants, and all that it gives us the aromas, flavours, colours and that wonder I feel every day.
I have been working the land on a small farm in the South of France, in the "Minervois", for 31 years in biodynamic, plant-based care. My name is Stéphanie, I am 63 years old.

I really want to share with you what was offered to me through you, you talk about the beings that were presenting themselves that clean the karmic memories. Upon hearing this, a feeling "rose" in me that took me completely, globally and acted, released a karmic memory in an area of my belly (I had identified recently the karmic nature of this area sometimes just a little painful).
This event was dazzling and deeply liberating and put me in a state of grace and gratitude. A very powerful moment. So since the day before the last full moon, I often think of you in joy and thanks. Thank you Nelly. With my best thoughts

This is Phil,
Not being able to answer directly on the group yet (due to its success), I entrust these few words to Sandrine who will relay the message to you:

This morning when I went to my work appointment, I had no idea that there would be so many pleasant reactions to the film that Sandrine and I had enjoyed editing to show our affection for Nelly and her team who work with their hearts to transmit a beneficial truth.
I took the time to read each of the messages on my return.
I also took the liberty of opening each profile and looking only at the essential, a photo or two, and the spirit that emerges from it.
This group is a hymn to love, altruism and sharing.
Of course there are wounds, struggles, we all have them.
But your words add to those of Nelly and those around her, all the power and positive energy we need to move forward.
I am a man, athletic, virile and stubborn, but "the other" touches me and becomes with time the one I want to help.
Over the years, we aspire to be better, but not in competition, in the relationship with others.
Thanks to people like Nelly, like all of you and like you gentlemen, who are more discreet here, we are making progress and becoming aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves and trusting each other.

Your messages have made my day, tonight I will feel even stronger than this morning.
May this interlude of life bring you the image of yourself that you deserve.

Phil ❤️


I received my order today. Thank you, I am very happy!
The staccato for diffuser instead of the spray suits me perfectly.
Thank you also for the gesture (2 books as a gift)!
I'm very happy with my order and I'm looking forward to working with you again.
See you soon!


I hope you are all well. Thank you all so much for this wonderful moment of sharing about the Zen detox online. I'm delighted to have this moment with you. I have been changing my diet and lifestyle for a while now.
This cure is very timely. I am a nurse in child psychiatry and a psychosomatic therapist (I am just starting out on my own), mother of two young children, soon to be moving and recently requisitioned for other services, so I am quite tense. The cure is a real breath of fresh air. It helps me to calm down certain fears (nothing to do with confinement), to regulate the tensions I feel and to keep an anchor in the present moment, the yoga that I practice every morning.
Thank you so much for all this magic !!!!
Thank you again for everything. I wish you all a sweet and beautiful night.


For Nelly ,

For me, there is the BEFORE and the AFTER of Nelly Grosjean's Moulin de Vie! It only took 5 DAYS of Zen detox for my life and my body to be transformed forever!

I arrived at the Museum, stuck in a life since childhood full of sadness, anxiety and fear, this "glue" that enveloped me and that I thought was stuck to my body forever, began its great melting thanks to these "only 5 days"!
Thanks to Nelly and her marvellous team, and to the energetic care of Marie Françoise, in 5 days it was a real metamorphosis!
And since then, this "glue" melted away by 25 kg less!

With Nelly, my newfound skysister, we like to remember an afternoon when we went for a walk as a group, and to return from our walk we had to take a cable car.........! For me it was never even thinkable, it was really a block and a huge fear, normally my legs and my whole body started to shake ............ and there nothing, I went up in the cable car, I took Nelly by the hand and I said to her "well you see, not even afraid anymore .........!!!!" now "I'm flying" I feel like a bird !!!! I can also take the lifts, without any fear, whereas I could climb 12 floors on foot to avoid them!

Nelly has created a marvellous place, as soon as you open the door of the Moulin de Vie, or the Museum of Aromas, you will find yourself in a cocoon of living wood, full of benevolent spirits, and smells that go straight to your soul. She has created a place where we find our spirit in its original state, and where we get rid of everything that this earthly life has tried to anchor in our body and in our spirit!

Throughout my career, I have always used the benefits of essential oils, but that of Nelly Grosjean, are much more than just essential oils, first they are organic, but especially its synergies are composed with love and immense generosity!!! this is felt, both in their sublime scents in their divine benefit!

For all this I thank you Nelly, and I send you all my love to say a huge THANK YOU!


Thank you... for your help and all the valuable advice you have given me. I have really had a big change in my life. I feel better and better. I have lost 5 kg. I had food allergies since childhood, I am now 61 years old. That's all in the past! I am eating all the foods that I could not eat any more and without any problem. I can't believe it. I had really tried a lot of methods. I still have a few respiratory allergies but I haven't done the castor oil purge yet. Eating raw and living, breathing, purging, EO... bring a lot of well-being. It's magic!!! Thanks also to Nelly GROSJEAN who does remarkable things.

Yours sincerely


A big thank you ???? for this bubble out of time in a place that speaks to my soul and my heart and my body ... just magical ... I am upside down ... will process all this ... and thank you for trusting me! Sweet night 

- Wendy

I feel great today! Especially I think because today is the day, after the herbal tea laxative evening, that I only had juice! I still haven't found my way of eating, I'm taking it one step at a time... this week I'm thinking of incorporating more juices and less cooked food (last week I was eating fruit in the morning and at lunchtime, but in the evening, after the vegetable juice, I really wanted soup and wholemeal bread...).

I'm really glad I was able to do this treatment! It has changed me and I feel it is for the better. I also met a lot of wonderful people and you all inspire me a lot! Thank you so much again for everything!

A beautiful evening to you too, I kiss you,

- MS

Today is my 3 weeks successful accomplish day after meeting you at your beautiful place. It was amazing to try what you told me to do. The detoxes process was very interesting. I lost 2 KG so far. My tummy is getting smaller, and I am aiming to flat tummy like you told me. I will send a picture after I get my flat tummy:) I am studying your book now. Thank you very much for everything, Dr. Nelly.

- Naoko

I have read your book, a bible! Thank you!

- Olivia M

Hello dear Nelly

We had a Skype session... My treatment is going well, I feel better every day than the day before, more aligned and more radiant too. Your books and sprays of essential oils attract the curiosity and interest of some patients and add a very virtuous extra dimension to my treatments. At home too, the atmosphere is transformed, as is our inner state.

Thanks again and maybe see you soon

- Emilie

These two books are a real goldmine. Have a good day. Bless you. 

- Ketty

...after my 3 weeks of flooding, I made very slight deviations, I was already sleeping better, the essential oils that you advised me had an effect from the first night, better breathing, no more whistling. After four weeks I did a castor oil purge. The result: no more allergies. Great. Now I still have the inflammation in my knees, I think I need a lot of rest, more difficult to put in place. I think I need a lot of rest, which is more difficult to put in place. Thank you.

- Hélène about 3 months, I lost 14 kg. Thank you Nelly.

- Ghyslaine

I am writing to you here just to thank you. I am discovering you and your work day by day and I am opening my eyes more and more to life, my life. Thank you for being here.

- Dominica

I am a 55 year old housewife and I have been suffering from agoraphobia since I was 20 years old: it prevents me from leaving my house, sometimes for a whole month, even to go and buy my bread in the village, even to go and get my mail from my letterbox because it is on the pavement and I am afraid of running into someone, whoever it is, even if it is unknown! I never really tried to cure myself of it, I just lived with it! A while ago, during a stay in Provence, I visited, with my husband, the Museum of Aromas and Perfume and I bought, out of curiosity, the last two books of Nelly Grosjean, on the Zen aromatic detox cure and the raw and living food recipes.what I discovered agreed with me immediately, I had a lot of fun cooking these new recipes for me. And above all, I noticed that my energy increased with this diet, that my morale stabilised and that I had not had a phobia attack for all that time! I feel so liberated now! I can only recommend to all those who want to feel better, to at least try it.

For me, it was magical.

Many thanks to the author, Mrs Grosjean, for sharing so much knowledge.

- Rayana, 55, Courbevoie

It's been a month since I took part in your seminar and now that I have the necessary hindsight to grasp all that I have learned, I can tell you that many changes have occurred in my life and also in that of my family, especially for my sons who have benefited during this period from the life lessons that you have passed on to us. What is extraordinary is that you and your mother have been the catalyst, through me, of a profound change in the philosophy of life of my sons and that the experiences lived (in the simple square) have totally transformed them in the most positive way possible. Each time I come to Boulbon, I will not fail to come and meditate in the museum. For all this I thank you very much and continue to promote the good word for a better world.

- Véronique

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your advice, it has had an almost miraculous result, I have no more symptoms!

- Alexandra

I wanted to thank you for my stay at the Moulin. Thank you for your welcome and your generosity. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Thank you for your dynamism and your joie de vivre. Thank you for your luminosity and your precious advice which enlightened my path. I felt myself during these few days. The peaceful feeling of having found myself, the pleasant feeling of having felt at home. The comforting feeling of having been understood and of having always known me. A twinge of sadness at my departure but confident and carried by all these good waves.

I'll be back with great pleasure. See you soon,

- Angelica

My experience with living foods :

I have been 90, even 95% raw for almost 2 years (I had already done a period of raw with green smoothies and juices 5 years ago, for a year), followed by a naturo recommended by the group for 1 year, with HDR purges, regular MSP, taking EO (Biossentiel synergies).

I have been practising intermittent dry fasting for a year: basically, I skip breakfast and only eat a fruit meal (purée or salad) very late, often after 2 pm. My dinner is very often composed of a small fruit salad and raw vegetables. When it is cold, I add a hot soup (mushroom or other, according to Irene's recipe) at the end of the meal. I drink vegetable juices from time to time: sometimes I drink them every day for a month and then not at all for a month, without calculation, just according to my feelings.

I practice conscious breathing every evening and sometimes during the day. I supplement this with yoga and pilates, and a little meditation. In short, I pay more attention to my body. I have in my health plan the sleep cure, which I almost never manage to do (not easy with a small child who asks a lot of me at bedtime) and the Moritz cure, which I have only done twice (I am supposed to do it once a month). But that's how it is, I do the best I can, that's the main thing.

And of course you ask: what are the results?

Already, I feel much better in my body and in my head, I'm almost always in good spirits, I'm performing well intellectually, I'm happier, I don't feel like I'm losing my hair any more, I have beautiful skin... And my colon problems seem to be well behind me.

In short, at 46, I feel like I'm at least 10 years younger! I can play football with my son, ride my bike, do sport for myself again, I find the motivation for a lot of things... I've lost weight and stabilised.

And I never stop myself from having a meal, even with a bit of good red wine (I never drink white wine or other alcohol), with friends. Of course, I never eat meat, but sometimes I eat fish and cooked vegetables, or bread... Without any guilt. I just recover the next day: dry fasting in the morning and a fruit cure during the day.

The only thing that might have changed, I think, is my nails: they are ridged lengthwise and tend to twist a bit if I let them grow. Have any of you had this happen?

Anyway, apart from that, all good and beautiful things.

- Stephanie V

Thank you for this beautiful week... I was pampered like a queen. Thank you. Kisses.

- Francoise


Thank you, thank you very much for this Zen detox, for what you do, for what you propose.....
This morning I was filled with emotion with Patrick Dussuel, as I am also regularly with you Nelly,
How can I register for the cure on 7 May because I don't have all the products and given the happiness you bring me, I would like to do a new cure with all the products while waiting to do it face to face with you perhaps next year.
In one week I already feel lighter in my stomach, I have my 18 year old handicapped daughter with me and I accept these difficulties better. I have 10kgs to lose where I am, I don't have a scale so I have to follow it after the confinement but I feel what Nelly wrote, the weight is melting. This morning I went back to my usual routine (commercial almond milk and vanhouten chocolate) with two rusks and a little butter.
I didn't enjoy it at all and after breakfast I felt heavy, which only confirms that it's time for me to change. A bit of extra work because my daughter doesn't want what I'm eating at the moment, she tries it from time to time, she already likes Italian sauce, it's a good start.
When I see the warm sharing of the group with the beautiful photos and recipes I am sure I will find other things she will like while waiting for my ingredients like cocoa beans, tiger nuts ......
Thank you !!!!! Take care of yourselves!
I look forward to hearing from you ✨ May I give you a hug. M

You can't imagine the state I was in before...emotionally as well as is changing my life and your example has helped and inspired me so much, and it started already when I came to Switzerland, gratitude for all this ???????????????? your energy is palpable and so driving, and exciting ????????????????

It's great, so I'm looking at the possibility of spreading my payment and I think I'll sign up for the online cure, plus I'm currently doing a fast, I'm on my 3rd day and this Friday, I can't wait to receive the Matsu! which will really complete my process !!!!
The transformative effects are already present during this fast so after the detox, it's going to be divine !!!!!
Stéphanie, may this day be filled with beautiful energies of Love for you and for Nelly who is a magnificent Woman, I am really very happy that she is on my path! Gratitude! The universe is a true wonder, it works perfectly here and now!

knowing that I love biossential.

Hello Nelly,

Thank you for all your beautiful videos, all this information. I can't download some of the books like the one on hydrosol...


I am very happy to have received and opened my package this morning. I loved the subtle scent of your craft paper ???? I also wanted to thank you for your generosity, I'm looking forward to having the volume 2 'cure zen détox' in hardback. Enjoy and smile. Corine

I took advantage of your generosity and downloaded the books you offered free of charge.
Thank you so much for your generosity. !!!!!
Congratulations on all you do and thank you for guiding us to the best of ourselves!
Gratitude, Love, Peace, Joy and a kiss on each cheek!

I come back to you after these 15 days following our consultation...I have applied the protocol and
I must admit that I feel better and better. At the beginning it was not obvious "Bloating gas and ++" but very quickly the EO and hydrolats helped me.
I am not used to having an elimination ++++ which blocks me a little to go out !!!
I had put on 6 kg following my cancer treatment. I have lost 3 for the moment ???? and I have no more pain following the operation (lymph pain, arm pain, etc.). With the purges I think it will be even better ... I'm apprehensive ... but I feel the need.
I signed up for the online Zen Detox from June 7 to 17. I can't wait to meet you again, to share and implement all the information yoga meditation crusine etc. ... I follow you on YouTube and it's an enchantment a real spiritual food. You are 3 magnificent and generous women ???? The confinement will have allowed me to set up this RE birth to Life ???? My dearest wish would be to schedule a 3-day treatment in Provence...
I will try in September .... Thank you very much in advance for your advice

Hello to you Nelly and to the whole team,

I followed the Zen aromatic detox and it was a pleasure. Thanks to Nelly and the whole team. I ordered essential oils and hydrosols. The essential oils are divine.
Thank you for your response and for your generosity and kindness.


Thank you... for this very constructive interview. I came out of it with clear ideas and courage. I know that I am on the right path thanks to you.
I will follow my roadmap scrupulously.
I am looking forward to the online treatment in June
. Thank you again for your professionalism and your kindness.

In these times of introspection and great changes, it is indeed good and time to reconnect with Mother Earth, our nature. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this online cure.
I am sending you lots of love...

Super this cure, thank you, I am so happy to be in your energy at all, it is beautiful to see and puts my heart in joy every time.

Thank you very much for your support which goes straight to my heart! ❤❤❤
I'm glad I stood up to the radiotherapist yesterday morning who tried to sell me his negotiation like a carpet merchant! But how can you negotiate with health it is distressing !!!!

The videos of Nelly, Tal, Irene have really confirmed my idea of what I thought of traditional medicine and of course the dietary transition with you, Stephanie, has helped me to see things even more clearly and without purging yet, what will it be like afterwards ....MAGNIFIC!

I feel vibrant and alive, it's great, thank you so much, I'm going to take the opportunity to sign up for the second online treatment with Nelly.

thank you thank you thank you

Love bubbles to the whole team ❤❤❤❤❤❤


Hello Nelly,
To introduce myself, my name is Laura, soon to be 33 years old, mother of a wonderful little boy of 6 years old and I live in a small countryside of Lorraine.
I discovered essential and vegetable oils more than 15 years ago following an interview with Laetitia Casta who praised them as part of her beauty routine.
I have been using them more regularly since I obtained my BTS in aesthetics and cosmetology about ten years ago, and since then they have become part of my beauty and pharmacy kit.

I am writing to you following your advertisement to become an "ambassador" for Biossentiel.

Before I share my motivation with you, I would like to tell you my story which led me to Nelly and to her baby "Biossentiel".
A little over 6 years ago, I became the mother of a little boy, Silas. Two or three months after his birth, not breastfeeding, he started to have chronic health problems (constant stomachaches, each bottle was a pain for him, and repeated bronchiolitis). We spent a lot of time in the physiotherapist's and GP's surgery.
Looking for a solution other than traditional medicine, I came across a video/interview of a woman of great wisdom with a sensible and inspiring speech: Irène Grosjean.
This lady changed my life through her speech, she reinforced my choice to become a vegetarian and to take charge of my son's health. By following some advice, my son started to enjoy his meals without suffering. But as he grew up, he no longer had bronchiolitis but repeated laryngitis and angina. Every month we had a subscription to the GP and when the cough didn't go away, we had the right to the famous cocktail: antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
And I had a sinusitis that didn't go away for years, despite my best efforts.
One day, an ENT specialist (after having operated on my son's tonsils) wanted to put him on a powerful anti-histamine, and for my case, sinus surgery, and there... I stopped.
I felt that this way was not leading to anything and was exhausting us more than anything else!
So I made an appointment with Irene (which I should have done much earlier) and we had a health protocol: purging, hydrosol solution, radical change of diet and essential oil rub.
Since this consultation, my son has not touched a single doliprane, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic for 2 years. Victory!!!

It was while I was looking for high quality raw materials that Irène recommended Biossentiel to me.
It was a new revelation: Nelly Grosjean.

At first, I really appreciated the quality-price ratio of its products, made in France and by hand. I was interested in the brand when I came across an interview with its creator, and at first glance I thought that this woman lived in another world. A positive, spiritual and optimistic speech, I said to myself that it could not be for me because we did not have the same quality of life. But also because my relatives do not follow me in this way.
And then I saw a woman of great generosity.
Being in a profit-driven society, I was pleasantly surprised that she could share her books for free (Zen Detox, Emergency Aromatherapy and following a request for advice on the use of EO in children, I received her book on aroma and children).
But also pleasantly surprised by the way she positively shares her advice on living mindfully, I find her approach encouraging: common sense, love for life and gratitude in everyday life.
Complementing her mother's advice, Nelly never stops teaching us. I find this woman admirable because of her history, her culture, her generosity and her positive thinking.
I can listen to Nelly for hours, I drink in her words, and I never tire of them.
She has made me realise that it is up to us to take things in hand: if Nelly is an example in taking control of her life, her spirit, happiness, and the positive impact she has on her community, I can also be an example in the path of well-being and of living with awareness.
I understood that it is not by giving advice that is not asked of me that I could guide my loved ones towards this path, but by being an example myself, as Nelly is.
And that's what I've done by doing my own experiments:
I've been a vegetarian for 6 years but for the last 2 years I've been eating 80% raw food, using essential oils, and I've taken up sport. I'm in better shape, I'm less stressed, calmer and approach difficulties in a more serene and optimistic way.
By the way, thank you Nelly for the discovery of aromatic teas (my favourites: peppermint/honey and honey/lemon mandarin/ginger), and for my son the aromatic water of elderberry, savory and geranium.
After having lived through an anorexic and bulimic adolescence, eating is finally a pleasure and without guilt. My plates are full of life, and I have managed to lose weight by eating twice as much. I don't weigh myself anymore, weight doesn't matter as long as I feel good in my body and my head.
When I don't want a situation to happen I feel that it won't happen. Conversely, when you want it to happen, it will happen. Mindfulness, optimism, nature and love... food is just one element of happiness, although it was my trigger.

My son didn't want to eat fruit purees but when he saw me doing it, he started to want them every day and to have his own aromatic water. A child full of life and humour.
One day he fell at the nursery, and came back with a huge bruise on his shin (at least 10cm in diameter). The arnica creams from the pharmacy didn't work, so I put a fabulous EO (one of my favourites) on him: the immortal (Italian helichrysum). From its power, in 3 days no more bruises. My relatives were amazed!

My boyfriend is starting to want his vegetable juice every night, has taken up sport and has finally given up smoking (of his own free will after many attempts) without a spirit of frustration and anger caused by withdrawal. And he demands his mixture of oily macerate and essential oils for his minor skin problems. So much for hygienism.
Every year I make a 100% discovery advent calendar with sprouted seeds, fresh vegetable juices, dried fruits, essential oils, raw pastries and positive words. And my colleagues are hoping I'll draw their name to get this fabulous calendar.
Many of them have got their act together, cut down on meat and dairy, increased their fruit intake and started exercising. Now they have lost weight, are much more energetic and feel better about their bodies.
My sister-in-law went raw after I gave her a juice extractor. Her confinement has been in the sun, doing yoga, running and taking care of herself with EO. We love to call each other to share our advice and we spend hours exchanging words of happiness and discovery.

Another moment of great generosity during the confinement, with Astrid you accompanied us to carry out 21 days of Zen detox. Creating a group of fabulous exchanges, support and beautiful encounters.
I am not looking for perfection, but for well-being and happiness! I wouldn't say that you have changed my life, but with your mother, you have guided me to make it better, and implicitly that of those around me!
What a great gift and life lesson and I am very grateful to you!
Nelly, you are an example of vitality, and I will be delighted to help you discover your wonderful products, and to promote them as an ambassador, by transmitting my experience and my life path towards a better world and peace.
I have an intagram account where I mainly post photos of living foods. The simple raw food ones are the most popular. And my next project is to share more natural beauty content (via food and aroma-cosmetics).
I also have a facebook account, mainly for sharing with friends and family, and it's also a good way to introduce the brand to people I actually know.

I hope that my application will be positive, if not I will be delighted to discover the other "ambassadors" of the brand and to follow the life experiences of this beautiful community.
In any case, at the beginning of June (my birthday month) I will offer myself an order from Biossentiel because I can't wait to discover the famous Matsu, stock up on essential oils and finally discover the BioT combinations.

Thank you very much for your attention and for taking the time to read my application.

Thank you Nelly,
Thank you to the entire Biossentiel team,
Thank you for your sharing,
Thank you to life

See you soon,


The programme is given as an indication. It may be modified in case of bad weather or other logistical problems. The management has the right to modify the programme if necessary.