SPAAromatic, aromaCocoon & zen treatments

Japanese-style Zen space

sauna, hammam, chi-machine, oxygenation, massages...

a must of excellence in the Japanese style with Swiss know-how...
a Zen bubble, a place for cellular, physical, moral and mental rejuvenation and regeneration... relearning to breathe with awareness, to relax, to discover, to enjoy, to recover energy and vitality, to be "cocooned"...

the stone hammam is amazing... and refreshing in the water of the stream just as unusual... and invigorating...

lighten your back, head and legs with the chi-machine... let yourself be cocooned with aromatic massages, shiatsu, reflexology, massage cupping and more... the new American technique combining traditional suction cups and futuristic technology to erase wrinkles, scars and stiffness, aroma-cupping!

the hammam at the edge of the brook. its warm and aromatic steam allows you to perspire gently, a place of conviviality dear to the orientals.

SPA & aromaCocoon starter

80 chf - per person
20 chf - towel and bathrobe rental

care list

60 minutes - 160 chf
children's special 30 mn - 90 chf
aroma-cupping session - 140 chf

healing center
healing, energy, numerology,
dowsing - 140 chf

paediatrics - 240 chf
naturopathy, nutrition - 180 chf
aromatherapy with nelly grosjean - 180 chf
1h listening and advice session in nutrition - 80 chf
visual care with nelly grosjean - 260 euros

SPAAromatic and AromaCocoon and meal CRUsine - 120 chf

gift certificate

offer a "Moulin de Vies health care"
to your friends, family, friends...
a much appreciated gift!

more information...

take advantage of the discovery package
with accommodation

book the packages by email

1 night, 3 meals
free access to the SPAAromatic and AromaCocoon
1 CRUsine workshop (living food)

it is possible to book in advance a massage which is extra.
(60 minutes massage =160 chf per person)

1 person 480 CHF
2 persons 750 CHF
3 persons 1000 CHF

come and take advantage of our oxygenator "bol d'air Jacquier"... a unique method of cellular oxygenation... natural...

relax under the stars in the "asclépios" room an unusual moment of meditation

the finnish sauna: a moment of relaxation, warm, dry heat...
softly, let us cocoon you ! let us...YOU... cocoon you !

taste our aromatic bar with its teas and precious waters ... alchemical, from our distillations in provence. drink smart to clean blood, liver, kidneys, lungs ... release excess volume, pain and anxiety.

the infrared chair allows you to relax with a soft warmth that flows through your body .

In the aroma-cupping room, the small animated suction cups, without heat, offer comfort from pain, erase scars and wrinkles...