Geowave Wellness Wave

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The Geowave is a metallic wave that harmonises telluric disturbances and electromagnetic waves, reduces stress, strengthens the body's energy and improves the quality of the environment.
It is available in three models: Grand GOLD, Grand ALU and Petite Voyage GOLD.
The price includes free delivery and the advice of a geobiologist for the installation from a plan to be provided.

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Suspended from the highest point of a house, a practice or an office, the Geowave wave acts as a shield against electromagnetic disturbances (including 5G.....) and geopathic disturbances.

It strengthens the energy of the organism, improves the quality of the space for the well-being of humans, animals and plants. In Austria, it is used in hospitals, nurseries, offices, homes and shopping centres.

Here is a video presentation of it with my friend Maria Leibetseder fromAir Innovation.

It is a patented product whose biological effects have been demonstrated by scientifically recognised methods and by numerous studies published in European scientific journals.

In this respect, a report on the Geowave was recently broadcast by the Austrian public television ORF 2.

The GeoWave® has been in use since 1997. At first, it was only used in hospitals, doctors' practices and public buildings. In March 2003, a team of scientists from Vienna and the city of Salzburg published a study on the geopathic disturbances and the harmonising effect of the "wave" in order to make it available to the public.

After various studies and refinements, the "wellness wave" can now be used in all living areas to create a harmonious atmosphere at home, to provide more energy and reduce recovery times for sportsmen and women or to increase the capacity for concentration and energy at work!

Where can the GeoWave® be used?

- in flats and buildings
- in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and nursing homes
- in schools, kindergartens and old people's homes
- in offices, industrial buildings and retail outlets
- in airports and public buildings
- in wellness, fitness and sports centres
- in farms and stables

For whom is the "wave" valid?

The "wave" applies to private individuals as well as to companies and institutions.

Is the 'wave' made from a simple piece of metal?

No, the "wave" is a patented product that is made of a carefully defined aluminium alloy and adapted in a specially designed shape. This plate is then specially treated.

Can the wave be installed by the customer?

The wave is very easy to install. However, the best location should be determined before setting it up. The "wave" should be installed on a "neutral zone" (undisturbed). Ask your trusted geopathic field detection specialist for the best location.

Do any measurements need to be taken before placing the "wave"?

We recommend that you proceed as follows: First determine where the area of "geopathic stress" is located. This can be done by a person skilled in geopathic measurements and rational geobio-energetic measurements. Where the stress zone is found, we recommend that its extent is identified in order to determine the existing neutral zones around it. The zone can then be verified by comparative muscle strength tests or by rational biophysical measurements. When the stress zone is identified, whether in a bedroom or another room, and when it is impossible to change the location of objects or the bed, the GeoWave® is installed over a neutral point.

Where should you ride the 'wave'?

The "wave" is not a shield or protection that is installed as is often the case under or around the bed. The GeoWave® is suspended at the highest possible point of the house or flat (roof of the house or ceiling of the flat), in a neutral zone. The effect of the "wave" spreads in a hemispherical form around the area:

How does the 'wave' work?

The fields released by the "GeoWave®" harmonise and help to maintain an energetic correction of the room atmosphere. In our scientific study "Influence of geopathological disturbance zones on the autonomic nervous system: Evidence using ECG and potential compensation" presented on March 31, 2003 in Salzburg. The scientists were able to establish significant differences in the variations in the level of heart rate in people tested in neutral and disturbed areas with and without the GeoWave®.

The reaction of people to stress in the disturbed areas was harmonised (decreased) by the 'wave' effect.

Can the 'wave' cure diseases?

The "wave" is not a medicine or a medical device. However, it can contribute to a harmonisation of the place which, in the long term, tends to improve well-being and reduce stress. In the case of illnesses, the "wave" is not a substitute for medical supervision or appropriate medical care.

What size 'wave' is good for me?

The "GeoWave ®" is usually available in 4 standard sizes. The size depends on the area to be harmonised and necessarily on the type and intensity of the geopathic disturbance.

Possible models

GeoWave® Large Gold Wave Ideal in most buildings, offices, businesses and hotels where an exceptional atmosphere is desired. Indispensable in places with high levels of geopathic pollution. Dimensions: 80.9 × 50 cm Weight: +- 2.5 Kg Working range: Ø approx. 20m

Geowave® Small Travel Gold Wave Ideal in the office, in a small room, to cover a single room, when travelling etc. Dimensions: 36 × 25 cm Weight: +- 0,3 Kg Range of action: Ø approx. 5m

GeoWave® Grand ALU Wave Ideal for most buildings, retirement homes, schools, etc. Dimensions: 80,9 × 50 cm Weight: +- 1,1 Kg Range of action: Ø approx. 20m

Health and care institutions using GeoWave®.

Civil Hospital, Salzburg
Emergency Hospital, Salzburg
Research Institute for Ethical Issues in Medicine and Biotechnology, Salzburg
Lainz Hospital, Vienna
Children's Hospital Preyersches Kinderspital, Vienna
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital, Vienna
Clinic of the State of Salzburg - St.- Johanns-SpitalSt. Johanns-Spital
Christian-Doppler Clinic, Salzburg
Otto-Wagner Hospital, Vienna
Wilhelminenspital, Vienna
Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Spital, Vienna
Tyrolean State Hospital
University Clinic, Innsbruck
Association of Vienna Hospitals
Charity Brothers Hospital, Salzburg
Oberndorf Hospital near Salzburg
St. Josef Hospital, Braunau St. Josef's Hospital, Braunau
Baden-Baden City Clinic (BRD)
Prof. Baldur Preiml, Weißensee
Crafts, Trade and Industry
D. Swarovski & Co, Wattens
Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG
Red Bull GmbH, Fuschl am See
Geschützte Werkstätten, Salzburg
Bausparkasse Wüstenrot AG, Salzburg
Wüstenrot Versicherungs AG, Salzburg
Salzburger Nachrichten
Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart
Salzburger Sparkasse Privat Banking
Mercedes Benz, Salzburg
Telecom-Business-Center, Salzburg
Spar WarenhandelsgmbH., Salzburg
Furtner-Hanisch, Salzburg
Raiffeisenverband Salzburg
Meubles Leiner, Salzburg
Grossiste Dental, Salzburg
Commend Communication System
Vontobel Bankhaus Salzburg
EFS-Euro Finanz Service AG Salzburg


Hotel establishments :

Hotel Kaiser in Tyrol, Scheffau a. Wilden Kaiser
Hotel Seehof, Mondsee
Hotel Krainerhütte, Helenental - Baden
Hotel Schloss Haunsperg, Oberalm
Hotel Kolbitsch, Weißensee - Carinthia
Pension Garnie Sportalm, Sölden
Arnika Guest Apartments, Sölden


Schiegl-Schiegl luge team (world champion) Franz Höfer (triathlon) - national champion Rainer Popp (runner-up in the 2005 ultra-marathon bike race) Thomas Brunauer (extreme competition sport)

History of the GeoWave® 'Wave

It all started with Adolf Wiebecke from Oberalm (Austria) who designed the form. It was designed to be used primarily in hospitals to improve conditions for patients during anaesthesia. He started installing them in the Salzburg hospital in Austria. Patients have said in interviews: "I feel like I'm on holiday here! This has been the subject of much research and various measurements establishing that this "good atmosphere" created in the rooms, produces a particular harmonising effect. First of all, everyone recognises that there is a strong difference in the atmosphere in rooms where the "wave" is mounted on the ceiling compared to other rooms.

A lot of research was done before defining the best wave shape to adopt in order to produce an optimal effect. Initially, GeoWave® "waves" were only installed in hospitals, infirmaries and public buildings. In March 2003, a team of scientists from Vienna and the city of Salzburg published a study on geopathic disturbances and the harmonising effect of the "wave" and made it available to the public.

Years of experience

Many "waves" have been installed since 1997 and are regularly monitored. The recorded data clearly show that the harmonising effect of the environment continues to last even after many years. Numerous activities carried out by the "GeoWave® Research Group" Research, analyses and measurements on geopathic areas. Measurement and analysis of energy fields of people and materials. Analysis and integration of compensatory measures to harmonise geopathic and energetic disturbance zones.

Dr. Gernot Pauser, Chief Medical Officer of the St. Johanns Hospital in Salzburg: "In our building we have about 50 GeoWave® waves to reduce the influence of stress areas.

Scientific studies (published in English) - 2005 - German scientific journal: "Forschende Komplementärmedizin und Klassishe Naturheilkunde" Biomedical Evidence of Influence of Geopathic Zones on the Human Body: Scientifically Traceable Effects andWays of Harmonization Authors: Gerhard W. Hacker, Elisabeth Pawlaka, Gernot Pauser, Gottfried Tichy, Hermann Jelle, Gabriele Posch, Günther Kraibacher, Alfred Aignerf, Jörg Hutterg. Biomedical Evidence of Influence of Geopathic Zones Publication in French - 2005 - Bloc Thématique Environnement et technologies de l'information UNI .-PROF. DR. MED. GERHARD W. HACKER

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