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a specialist in aromatherapy for over thirty years, nelly grosjean promotes the benefits of organic aromatic essential oils (EO)... with passion!



nelly grosjean's 100% organic excellence aromatic range: certified organic


health naturopathy

Irene grosjeanIréne Grosjean, naturopath since 1958.



massage cupping

inspired by traditional medicines, massage cupping™ offers a modern form of treatment with "new generation" suction cups. through the creation of vacuum or vacutherapy, the use of these cups finds its place in the contemporary world of health care. the incredible results this simple treatment produces have truly impressed those who know its subtle power.


provence zen rentals

in the heart of Provence, between Alpilles and Montagnette, in the countryside, a stone's throw from the museum of aromas and perfume and the aromacocoon, a Japanese wellness area. in a 3 hectare park of aromatic gardens and lavender oasis of fitness, a healthy holiday, a moment of rejuvenation, calm, zen and nature...


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Xavier OTT: artist

I appreciated Xavier's involvement in the conceptualisation, efficient implementation and monitoring of the garden I entrusted to him, as the deadlines were very short and he was able to create an original garden occupying the entire space. A large winding path allows you to walk around a pond. The whole is made of curves and reliefs and is very harmonious. He has also managed to remarkably develop the banks of the river, creating an interior ornamental pool in place of the paddle wheel. He is a good listener and gives very good advice both on technical aspects and on the feel of the decoration. I recommend him! He was able to propose an installation-painting: The Divine Matrix, for the Asclepius Room. This extraordinary installation is visible in the dark. It delights and transports all my clients on a journey with themselves, into a cosmic universe.