Bio Body Synergy (BBS)

synergies / frictions bio'aromatic

a bio'aromatic synergy is the association of several essential oils that work together to multiply their effectiveness tenfold

BBS BIO BODY SYNERGY frictions are aromatic compositions of EO in synergy for daily frictions, the ritual of nelly grosjean for more than 40 years...

BBS are known to bring regeneration and new energy, energize, clean or calm, reduce discomfort and temporary disturbances ... like all essential oils, they strengthen the immune system.

EO is originally used as an Egyptian or Indian perfume, balm or ointment made from flowers or plants prepared by the oracle, priest or doctor for the health of body and mind.

BBS synergy frictions are used morning and evening to develop physical or mental faculties, love, confidence, creativity, communication like the 12 moons, months, zodiac signs...

12 aromatic solutions corresponding to the 12 metabolic functions of our wonderful human body. A rubbing of EO reassures, comforts, rebalances, tones, relaxes, harmonizes. My 12 frictions store and restore the vital elements offered by Nature, in precious concentrates... for our well-being!

instructions for use
apply 20 drops of friction to the solar plexus, the nape of the neck, the base of the spine and the soles of the feet... Combine in parallel an ATW aromatic precious water cure for even more positive results! *

* see emergency aromatic recipes. Ed. 5ml